Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love

The fact is I spend a lot of time thinking about the 2001 film "Moulin Rouge!" Sometimes the wowza colors capture my fancy and sometimes the costumes and often the songs. And I adore Kylie Minogue as the Green Fairy, though her cameo is only seconds-long.

But my favorite thing are the guiding principles of the movie, as stated again and again in four words: freedom, beauty, truth, love. 

Or is "guiding principles" too ponderous? Let's call 'em Lively Live-bys. They're the effervescent spirits that dance around the characters and pull the story along its golden arrow toward the conclusion.

Wilfair has its own Lively Live-bys. They are:

1. Relationships
2. Calling
3. Kindness
4. Love (okay, love is going to make every good principles list)

"Relationships" are of the familial and friend kind, as well as romantic. And "calling"? That encompasses work and jobs, yes, but everything these characters feel passionate about.

This blog also has a few. They are:

1. Fun
2. Friendship
3. Creativity
4. Happiness

Not just for me, I hope, but anyone who stops by. And, yes, "fun" has been overused in popular culture, almost to the point of non-recognition, but I'm determined to play my part in reviving it.

Do you have four Lively Live-bys you apply to your own life? Maybe those are too personal to share, but if you want to reveal one, I'm on the edge of my computer chair, breath properly bated.

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