Happy Wilfair Day!

Things I love tend to crowd my personal The Big Things I Love Bag -- I haul that sack around with me practically everywhere, in case I need to reach inside and cheer myself or someone else up, or attempt to, anyway -- and a major one happened today.

I love when readers remind me of stuff from the Wilfair world, or cast the characters, or disagree with my own casting choices, or are surprised when I reveal a past plot point that doesn't completely meld with what's in their own head, or feel a little possessive.

Heck, I'm possessive about what I'm into, and there are at least five books or films or hotels that I Like the Very Best and Practically Own. This is not true, of course, but I can act like it is, to an annoying degree. You, too? It's a positive, I think.

Anywho. A reader just wrote me to ask if I knew what day it was. I had a "derrrrr" moment then I got it: December 2 is when "Wilfair" starts. The date is never given in the books, but Fair Finley's birthday is revealed. That's December 12, and if one counts days backwards from that, then, voila! The books open on December 2 (a Thursday, in the Wilfairverse, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week).

Thank you, Caitlin #1, for remembering! You're jake, through and through. And as for Wilfair Day traditions? I'd put consuming a lot of cheese dip and making sheep eyes at someone lovely high on the ways-to-celebrate list.


myrandaroyann said...

Happy Wilfair Day!!

do dah said...

happy wilfair day! and well done, caitlin #1

Amanda W said...

Happy Wilfair Day!

Wilfair Book said...

And backatcha!

Sparkles for everyone!

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