My Year-End List for You

Friends, I'm loving the resolutions you've shared. And I'm really doing something with them tomorrow. Stay tuned. If you haven't put yours in yet, do! It doesn't have to be deep or meaningful. Funny/weird is a-ok, too. Of course! Are you kidding? We eat funny/weird for breakfast here at Wilfair HQ.

So I'm a little obsessed with year-end lists. You know, the Top Ten Ways to Work Smarter in 2014, that sort of thing. But I only ever really remember numbers eight, nine, and ten, so somebody needs to write a top ten year-end list that is "How to Remember and Enact Everything You Read in a Top Ten List When You've Read Thirty Top Ten Lists in a Single Day."

So here's my top ten list for you, going into the new year: 

How to Stick to a Mega Project When You Feel Tired or Crabby or Like You Want to Nap

1. Hang in there
2. Hang in there
3. Hang in there
4. Hang in there
5. Hang in there
6. Hang in there
7. Hang in there
8. Hang in there
9. Hang in there
10. Hang in there

That's it. You don't have to be perfect at every moment or love it at every moment or feel the full flush of inspiration every single day. But hanging in is key, even unenthusiastic, grumbly, meow-meow hanging in.

Things'll turn around if you hang in, because, fact, they always do.

And then you get this top ten list:

How to Feel About the Mega Project You Stuck to and Finished

1. Elated
2. Elated
3. Elated
4. Elated
5. Elated
6. Elated
7. Elated
8. Elated
9. Elated
10. Elated

Need another top ten list? I got a thousand of 'em. I'll write one just for you, in fact, if you need it.

See you next year! xo

cr: Dan Moyle


Kelly said...

With you on the top 10 lists. I've had no internet access at all over Christmas, and now that I'm back I've managed to do almost none of the things I should be doing because of all the catching up on everyone's year-end top 10 of everything lists!

Your lists in particular are pretty apt for me right now, because I'm right in the middle of big exciting changes. I've left my old job, and I'm making plans for a huge RTW trip this year (that's the elated, elated bit), but before I go I need to apply and interview for teacher training positions for September, and I definitely need the reminder to hang in there for that.

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, I CANNOT WAIT for you to stop by Los Angeles! I literally was telling my husband about it last night. And the rest of your trip, too, shall be amazing, but I want LA to be the amazingest. I admit it.

Sending you sparkly mojo for hanging in -- September isn't too far!

Kelly said...

Thanks Alysia! I'm super excited for all of it. Hopefully I'll be booking things in the next week or two, and then I'll know actual dates and it will all feel a bit more real.

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