New Montgomery

If you know San Francisco, you know One Montgomery and New Montgomery and all of the Montgomery-named places around the city.

I was there today, with my two oldest friends, who were incredibly patient as I snapped various Montgomery street signs, calling out "Guys, like, I need this photo for Wilfair HQ! So bad!"

So, by gin, I'm going to post at least one photo, with a few random thoughts:

1. If San Francisco were a band, and I were 13, it would be all over my wall, in poster form. I'd smooch the Coit Tower and Bay Bridge every night, before turning in. Because I'm that all about it.

2. I have old family ties to the area, via my mom, who was actually born in Salinas but spent time in San Francisco with her grandmother. Any John Steinbeck fans out there? Salinas, holler!

3. My friends and I, in a 24-hour period, stayed in a wonderful, purported-to-be haunted hotel, drank Ramos Fizzes, road a cable car, walked inside a gingerbread house in the Fairmont Hotel, and saw about 500 people in Santa costume strolling the city, as a Santa-themed run had just ended. It was quite fa-la-la-y, through and through.

4. Don't start me on the Golden Gate Bridge. DON'T. Please. Abiding affection. Issues. I probably think about it once a day. I'm batty for bridges and the GGB is king.

5. Oh! We also ate at the oldest restaurant in town. It started during the Gold Rush and its famous dish is called Hangtown Fry. Can you guess why? It's, um... got a colorful history. And is delicious. I had it. Had? Devoured, messily.

6. Speaking of cable cars, a reader and I discussed The Oppositery, the Finley family's San Francisco hotel within the Wilfair world, um, months ago, and the topic of Fair and Gomery sharing a memorable cable car ride arose.

I either A) will write and post that here as a little side thing or B) will write a book called "The Oppositery," down the road, maybe, possibly, one day, years from now, perhaps, if I find Wilfairverse ideas still peck at the top of my noggin. And if I find that I'm still running around with my camera saying "Guys, like, I need this photo for Wilfair HQ! So bad!"

Distinctly possible.

Two photos: One Way Gomery and my Sutton-like pal Tracy and I under neon.

Cheers to reader Caitlin #1 for introducing me to the music of The Mowgli's! THIS SONG.


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