Reader Holiday Favorites

Am I still fa-la-la-ing over Myranda's Motel Fairwil playlist from yesterday? You bet. (By the way, The Killers' "Christmas in LA" is extra fab.)

But I've also enjoyed a couple of non-Wilfair-themed seasonal playlists, too, from Caitlin #1 and Rosemary.

So I wanted to share, if you're looking for instant cheer.

Here's what Caitlin #1 is feeling holly in her heart over. (On second thought, ouch.) I added a few of these to my own playlist, a few she thought had Wilfair-type connections, but her full list includes plenty of tunes not necessarily tied to this world. It's good good good, and I'm glad to see Sir Paul/The Shins make a showing.

"Footprints" by Barenaked Ladies
"Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
"Maybe This Christmas" by Ron Sexsmith
"Christmas TV" by Slow Club
"It's Christmas" by Coconut Records
"Christmas Time Is Here" by Correatown
"Cold December Night" by Michael Buble
"All I Want" by The Weepies
"Snow Is Falling" by Darker My Love
"Hang a String of Lights" by Great Lake Swimmers
"I Love the Holidays" by Office Romance
"Christmas in the Room" by Sufjan Stevens
"Something in the Air" by Grayson Sanders
"This Year" by Jukebox the Ghost
"Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney (or The Shins' cover)
"Tiny Tree Christmas" by Guster

Now Ms. Rosemary's round-up, which is as flavorful as a peppermint stick. To quote the lady, she says she "has more than eight hours of Christmas music" in her library, and collects it "the way some people collect stamps: pathologically."

Check it out over at Rosemary on the TV as I thwunk my forehead over not adding "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses to my own list.

I'm glad the lyrics are included in this video, as "Christmas Wrapping" might be the most lyric-packed of all the holiday tunes.


Rosemary said...

HIGH FIVE! Definitely adding some new tunes to my Christmas collection. Thanks Alysia and Caitlin #1!

Wilfair Book said...

Cheers, Rosemary!

I'm combing some of your 2013 backlists, by the by. Choice stuff.

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