Book Club

Tip: Don't gurgle loudly in a crowded public place if you can help it, which clearly I could not.

Because I received a exciting email a couple of weeks back. It was from a Michigan reader who said her book club was going to take on "Wilfair" next.

Yeah, I gurgled, lavishly, and then I smoothed my skirt, and coughed, and surreptitiously glanced around, and acted like everything was jake.

So, as you might know, the weather around the Wolverine State has been a mite polar, meaning snowy roads made for a small book club meet-up over the weekend. Thus "Wilfair" will be the club's February book.

Still, I was quite chuffed to see that an asparagus and mushroom con queso dip was ordered at lunch. A good sign? And love the restaurant name: What Crepe. Yay, humorous restaurant names, the best.

More on the merry Michiganers soon. Thanks for sharing the dip pic, Erika C.!


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