Meeting readers at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue? It's one of my favorite things.

When I get to meet two, though, and they're both named Caitlin, magic is clearly in the air (as are giant boulders -- more on that in a second). Caitlin #1, who doesn't live in LA, and Caitlin #2, who does, met up with me on a bright December day a couple of weeks back.

Caitlin #1 and #2 met online, by the by, through bookly interests, and #1 kindly told #2 about "Wilfair" last summer.

My nice new -- newish? -- not-so-newish anymore -- kind of oldish, actually -- friends kindly let me play an honorary Caitlin for the day. Thanks, you two!


Behind-the-scenes corner photo prep. We went with a swimming pool theme, goggles and a pool noodle. You can see the Mysterious Gold Tube in the background.

I know, I don't have goggles, but I'm wearing goggles in spirit. When I bought the goggles at the dollar store down the street, months ago, I didn't know I'd have a flock of Caitlins visiting.

Question: What's the scientific name for group of Caitlins called? A gaggle? A flight? I'm going to say a cavalcade.

A Cavalcade of Caitlins (including one honorary):

We then strolled over to Levitated Mass, the 340-ton boulder artwork you can walk under. It's next door to Wilshire & Fairfax, behind the art museum. I've told you it is an unusual intersection, right?

I've decided this should be the album cover for the Caitlins' forthcoming album that they haven't likely discussed but I want them to record. (Caitlin #2, by the by, is a classical musician, which impresses the dickens out of me. Caitlin #1 can sing, I believe. Don't deny it in the comments, Caitlin #1! I know it is true.)

Doesn't this look like a Magritte painting? Not my photo skills, just the Giant Hovering Rock from Space.

I advised the Caitlins to make a wish while standing under the boulder. Caitlin #1: "Is this a real wishing thing or a you wishing thing?" Best. Observation. Of. My. Life. Hell, I want to be known as a wishplace inventor! Put that on my business card.

Then the ladies had to pose in what has fast become LA's own Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa moment: Hands up, holding the boulder. The look on Caitlin #2's face cracks me up.

(Monty Overbove is in like a dozen holding-the-boulder photos, some that weren't even taken by people he knows.)

Cheers and hugs, you two. Loved our get-together. Thanks showering me with extreme Caitlin-o-sity! 


Caitlin #1 said...

The first "C" word that popped into my head was "crackle." A crackle of Caitlins? It makes no real sense, but that's nothing unusual around here, so why not. Crows get to be a murder, after all. (Of course, cavalcade is good too!)

Maybe I *can* sing, but that doesn't mean I *should* sing. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, a crackle of Caitlins!

I like it.

Caitlin #2 said...

I was thinking a giggle of Caitlins, but all the other suggestions are good, too :D

And one should always sing whenever one has the opportunity. SO IT HAS BEEN DECREED.

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