Erin Visits Wilshire & Fairfax

If you've been around Wilfair HQ for a bit, you've likely seen some lively comments left by a reader known as do dah. Often, when I'm writing late, an email will pop into my box or a funny comment will show up, and, hello, it is from the ever-endearing Ms. dah.

Or Erin, if you prefer. Erin was visiting from Colorado, so we met up last week, for a photo at Wilshire & Fairfax, and, yep, the theme was ginormous glasses.

Then we paid a visit to Urban Light, the cluster of street lamps at the museum next door, then Farmers Market for dinner, and then dance class.

Side note: While we were at Farmers Market, and I was up grabbing our trays, a fortune teller stopped by our table and told Erin there was money in her future. It cannot be helped: The Wilfair's neighborhood is always interesting.

Upshot? A photo taken at Wilshire & Fairfax is never just about the photo. Although I'm enjoying the glasses and stripes here, very much.

I can't get over this picture! I know, I took it, but Erin is sublime and the glow of the lamps positively bewitched.

Thanks for stopping by to see me and the Wilfairverse, do dah!


Jamila said...

Hi Erin, we're going to need details on that fabulous dress. Where is it from?

Lovely pictures!!

do dah said...

Yay, hooray! I had so much fun. Visits are highly recommended, those of you who haven't yet had the chance. :) And, of course, that WilfairCon we were vaguely planning to plan a while ago...

Um, dress… I think it's from Most of their stuff is clearly for teenagers, but they have cheap jeans for the long-of-leg and occasionally make really long dresses. This makes me happy.

Amanda W said...

Fun! Oh, and in that dress, under the lights, you look like an Elf from Lord of the Rings. All tall and mysterious and etherial.

Wilfair Book said...

Okay, I'm going to pronto.

Hi, Lady Jamila!

And Amanda, you got it EXACTLY. Erin is very tall and ethereal. I'm 5' 10" and was rocking heeled boots in that pic, by the way, and I believe she was in sandals.

Unknown said...

That dress is the jam!

Also still in for WilfairCo, whenever it may occur.

Unknown said...

WilfairCon, I meant.

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