Fountains, Clueless, and More 2014 Goals

Look. Here's the thing, and you know I'm 100% straight with you. If more 2014 goals from readers come in, then I'm going to take action.

And a few more did after my leaf-lucky excursion into the tar pits park. So I swung by The Electric Fountain, in Beverly Hills, to toss a penny or two. Just nice vibes for all, and some teacher training mojo for Kelly, and warm thoughts to both Erikas -- C. and V. -- and Ginny, too.

The Electric Fountain was one of the first electric fountains to be built in the U.S., or so they say, and at night there's a little light show, full of color. Wishes made there must hum with fizzy charge, right? Must.

Also? It's where Cher realizes she likes Josh in "Clueless." Also? It is where the Go-Go's famously splashed at the end of the "Our Lips Our Sealed" video.

Top photo: A penny, The Electric Fountain, and The Beverly Hilton, a historic hotel located on Wilshire Boulevard, yep, just like The Wilfair Hotel, only The Beverly Hilton is real. Or maybe more fictional, in a way, than even The Wilfair: It hosts the Golden Globes every year, meaning the hotel's major event is a tribute to stories galore.

Second photo: Cher. Duh!

Video: The Go-Go's swimming in The Electric Fountain.

A few observations:

1. If you watch the video, I invite you to picture me driving you all around LA in a convertible. We're all singing and wearing our cool shades and throwing some attitude, too, in my mind, because that's pretty much how I think of all of us all the time, in this space. It's like Wilfair HQ, taken music video form.

2. Lead singer Belinda Carlisle's vintage style? As a young '80s lass, I was enchanted. Still am.

3. Trashy Lingerie, a famous skivvy shop that shows up near the middle of the video, is still around, and not far from The Wilfair. There is no lingerie in the next Wilfair book, I should note. Wait, is that true? There's something, but I'll let you decide what category it falls in.

Also, hmm. Do boxers count? Because, if I'm to be 100% straight with you, I'd tell you that they're in "Fairwil." Three times. On three different people.


More luck, more wishes, happy 2014!


second photo: beauty dart


Rosemary said...

Every time someone references Clueless or I see Paul Rudd on TV, I immediately say, "Gah, I need to watch Clueless." And the sad part is, I nearly always do watch it in the next day or two. Which means I watch that movie at least once a month.


Amanda W said...

Because Clueless is awesome. the end.

Kelly said...

Clueless Fountain!!!! Thanks Alysia!

Wilfair Book said...

Oh yeah. The fountain'll be on the Wilfair tour one day! It isn't far from the hotel's corner.

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