Gingerbread Motel, Behind-the-Scenes

I made a gingerbread Motel Fairwil right before Christmas, and while I wish I'd done some things differently -- lots more glitter, for one -- I'm a-ok with my first gingerbread effort.

Here are a few photos from the day.

Ingredients. The white forms on the left are the shapes of the motel. My husband is a very good spatial thinker and wielder of scissors, so he cut them out for me.

Melting/cooking. I had to fight not to stick my face in this and just lap it up, because hot.

My sous chef was rather disdainful of my margarine-melting technique. The judgment, it burns.

Gingerbread mixture has the consistency of glue, which you know if you've made it.

Yeah, I got a little bored waiting for it to cool.

Uhhhh. FOUR plastic wraps in the back of the pantry? WHAT. I think if you carbon date these a couple might go back to the 1990s. I like cooking, but this crosses some sort of point of no return.

Cutting out Gomery and Monty's motel wing.

Now I see why the sous chef was so disdainful. I was making an unholy mess.

The motel doors -- aka sour Rips candy -- go on.

Devouring the red Rips, which I mostly didn't need for the project, became an issue for me during the motel's construction.

The red Rip with the blue gel signified the motel office.

Oy. I'm a clean-as-I-goer, so I don't know what this untidy scene is all about.

And the final product! I was pretty happy, except for the lack of glitter. 

More glitter in 2014? New motto. More yummy motels? That, too. More chewing gum diving boards? Okay!


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Kelly said...

Always more glitter! Although it's so great as it is. Did you actually eat it? I'd be so torn, because gingerbread is delicious, but this is kind of too amazing to eat.

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