I Don't Care

If I could pick one theme song for Fair Finley, it would be this one.

Hell, it's mine, too. Can it be yours, too, for 2014? Forever, maybe?

Let us all acknowledge Queen Garland, too, and go forth with the mighty exuberance displayed here.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could not care with such exuberance. What a wonderful theme song for Fair. My type A self could do with a little more of this theme song :-).

Ginny said...

Can I have that dress please? Love it!

My first year teaching I had a little darling that sang the "I don't care" part of that song over and over again. I always wondered where she got it, now I know!

Kelly said...

It is impossible to remain grumpy when watching this. Like even if I was in a terrible grumpy mood when it started, involuntary foot tapping would commence after about 20 seconds, and I'd be dancing around and belting it out by the end.

Wilfair Book said...

It's hard not to watch this multiple times!

So many great lyrics, too. "I don't care if he's a cook or just a millionaire" makes the most clever use of the word "just" ever.

Love that she's her own superintendent, too. As we all should be!

do dah said...

i love the contrast of the arm-flinging and the classy dress

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