Many Thank Yous to Give

My editor Jenna is the World's Most Direct Human Being (tm), and I love her for it. No pussyfooting around with this fantastic lady. Well, maybe a little pussyfooting: She foster-moms eensy, eyes-closed kittens when she's not traveling the world and editing cookbooks for French chefs and giving complex talks on SEO and the future of the web and swimming with sharks (which she literally has done).

A drum she beats every time we have lunch is whether I've established a review page yet for Wilfair HQ. I have not, but may when this last book is done.

But I wanted to take a moment, before January fully passes, to truly thank the people who gave the series or individual books year-end best shout-outs.

So, I've cooked a deep pudding dish brimming with delicious gratitude for...

yesknopemaybe -- Thanks for the "Stay Awhile" love! I enjoy your blog so this is fab.

anonsally -- Were the Wilfair books really what inspired you to purchase an e-reader? Aw shucks.

leslielikesthings -- It did my heart good to see "Redwoodian" on your list. Cheers and hugs to my Sactown lady.

jilbyforever -- The word "fun" in your summary means a lot to me. I hope people have a pretty fun time while in the Wilfairverse.

Teenagers are Ridiculous -- So chuffed to make your End of 2013 wrap-up. And so chuffed you refer to me as AGP. Everyone is invited to! It's easy, is why.

Melbourne on My Mind -- You've been a wonderful advocate for the series. Thank you x 10. Now get to America at once so we can go for a cocktail! I mean it.

And thanks Jenn Hilgeman and Rosemary Hallmark for the year-end love on Forever Young Adult.

Now that I've mentioned Jenna's rescue kittens, I can't leave without posting a photo. Please. This guy is the cutest. And he's either, um, Xander or Oz? Not sure which. Wild about both names, and readers of "Stay Awhile" may remember that Xander is not Gomery Overbove's middle name. (Though it sounds like it.)

Cheers to Kitten Rescue!


do dah said...

HAVE YOU WATCHED HIS EARS WIGGLE? because teeny kitten ears wiggle while they eat, and it is the BEST. you should pursue this immediately.

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