Mastodon Butt

The mastodon is the Official Extinct Beast (tm) of the Wilfair series.

There's a statue, next to tar pits, that I just adore, because I like mastodons. But here's another reason I adore it: What the mastodon is looking at is pretty darn interesting.

When I see a statue or painting of a person or an animal, I always think about what that statue is looking at for all eternity. See the world from the statue's perspective, I guess.

Do you do this?

And the tar pits mastodon happens to be staring at the Screen Actors Guild headquarters. That's SAG in the background, below.

I often talk about the swirly mix of science and fantasy going down around The Wilfair/Fairwil neighborhood. And the fact that the famous actors' union is another neighbor, and abuts the tar pits, adds heavily to the area's fantasy elements, in my mind.

Is the mastodon dreaming that one day he might be a movie star? Or at least a card-carrying member of SAG? He stares at it 24/7. Wistfully, I imagine, and full of a longing for greatness.

Thank goodness he has Fair Finley on his side, a lady who claws her hands and rrowrs, mastodon-style, whenever she doesn't know what to say next.

Uh. Sorry I had to name this post "mastodon butt" but... mastodon butt! It's pretty cute. Not that I would attempt to pet a real mastodon's furry rear end if a time machine one day whisks me back to the Pleistocene era. I'd admire it from a respectful distance, of course, as I tried to figure out how to return to the 21st century.


Kelly said...

I don't think I've ever really thought about a statue's perspective before. I definitely will now though! It's pretty cool to think about how the view would have changed over the years for some of the really old statues around where I live.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh, I'd like to know the changes that a statue that's stood around for several centuries has seen.

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