Starring You

I learn something fascinating about a reader just about every week. Yesterday I found out that a reader is a practitioner of traditional Polynesian dance, which meant that I promptly daydreamed about seeing her perform live one day.

It also got me thinking that I'd like to do a post about you and your interests. If you're keen, send me a link to your Etsy shop or blog or an article about a stirring speech you made down at the flower club and I'll stick it in a post. I know some of my ladies' blogs already, so those'll absolutely go up (but if you want to make sure I don't miss yours, drop me a line, for sure.)

A quick link/note'll do ya! Thanks!

This has nothing to do with reader accomplishments, but I spied this smart frock on ModCloth today. Name? "I've Got an Inn." Please, it's so Fair Finley, in both name and style! Definitely made for the lady who needs to get unruly guests, movie stars, hotel heirs, bellcart-racing brothers or winsome moteliers back into line, pronto.


Erika C. said...

I promise, when I move to SoCal and am dancing with PPD, I will send you tickets to my first show!

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