Tar, Saber-tooth Cats, and Your 2014 Dreams

I thought very seriously about taking a few of your resolutions and wishes down to Johnie's Coffee Shop on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue and finger-writing them in window-breath, "Redwoodian"-style, but I decided to think a little bigger.

Er, um, and a little ungrosser, too, because Johnie's windows are a bit dusty. But you read that the historic diner that inspired Motel Fairwil is totally getting saved, right? Totally.

So I found some leaves, penned your wishes (non-toxic ink, natch), and took them to the tar pits park. There are giant piles of leaves on the ground right now -- LA's autumn gets cooking in December -- and I figured it might be nice for your 2014 wish or goal, scrawled in brief on a leaf, to stir among the other leaves.

They'll all soon mulch and crumble and maybe, in spirit, mix with the tar and those ancient mastodon bones. Science meets surreal whimsy -- my favorite.

The leaves paid a stop to Wilshire and Fairfax, first. Of course!

Then the street lamp art installation in front of LACMA between Wilfair and the tar pits.

Then I dropped 'em off the walking paths, with all the other piles of leaves, in the tar pits park. I did take care to tuck 'em under bushes and other leaves and such, for the most part, just so they'd go fully unnoticed by passersby. Your goals are between you, this blog, and the other mulchy leaves.

Bess, I did leave your leaf on the art museum side of the park, since your goal had to do with making more art in the new year. And Elisa, I remember dropping your leaf goal near the saber-tooth statue at the tar pits museum.

I call these two cats Fair and Gomery. Ohhh, the thoughts I think for my own private amusement could fill an entire pit of bubbling tar, that's for damn sure.

I know some Wilfair visitors are on vacation right now -- or "vacay" as we like to say in lingo-loving Los Angeles -- so I wrote a little leaf that could encompass good wishes for everyone in the new year. Didn't get your goal in? No prob, as we also say 'round Southern California. It's mulching, now, as I type, so I just know this'll be a really out-of-sight year.

If you get down on things, as you go, which happens, just remember your leaf, composting away here in LA.


Kelly said...

This is such a perfect Wilfairy tradition! A new way of making luck and wishes is a very fitting start for the new year

Erika said...

This is awesome. Happy New Year everyone!!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly: Yay! But I went ahead and did something wishy for you today. Stay tuned. I want everyone included!

Erika: Ohhhhh boy. Is this your first comment? Exciting! Wait... is this Erika C. or Erika V.? I'm going to guess Erika C., since we were just emailing. You should meet Erika V., Erika C., who comes around here and puts together a most excellent Wilfair-inspired outfit.

Cheers to the lovely Erikas!

Erika V. said...

That would be me.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika V.!

I was just thinking about the sweet Christmas outfits you made for all the Wilfair people on Polyvore last year. I might need to rerun those again, on the blog.

bess said...

Yay! and thank you. I am on vacation with a new camera so hopefully this will lead to some art-making. It's working already.

myrandaroyann said...

Thank you! This makes me feel like the universe is rooting for me now. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

I like spreading the joy, I own up. I own up!!!

Rosemary said...

To quote the late, great Cathy: "Ack!" I love this Wilfair wishery! Just catching up on posts and sad I missed sharing my 2014 resolution (get published!). You're the coolest, AlGraPa!

Wilfair Book said...

Rosemary! I'm on your resolution this week. Stay tuned!

Elisa said...

This was super awesome of you! I feel like the resolutions have to come true now that they are out there in the Wilfair universe. You rock!

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