The Fixers

While I enjoy heroic action-packed adventures, where Big Things are Slayed in a Highly Dramatic Fashion, I personally am drawn to characters who fix things on a more everyday basis.

There's beauty in the concept of fixing an object or an idea or a feeling or a misunderstanding. The person who longs to make a broken thing, or unrealized potential, whole.

That's why everyone in the Wilfairverse gets a chance at fixing something:

Fair Finley: Fair's takeover of the motel is her fixing the fact that Thurs Mathers might have taken it.

Gomery Overbove: Gomery repairs The Redwoodian's boiler. Also, he and Fair move a snoring Prior Yates, solving the problem of angry, wide-awake guests on Prior's floor.

Sutton Von Hunt: Sutton gets Gomery's money back from the weird volunteers in "Stay Awhile." She also learns some boiler-fixing technique from the Rainey-Palomo sisters. She also goes to bat when Beefy makes fun of Fair's outfit/snood. Actually, is Sutton the #1 Fixer of the Wilfairverse? She might be.

Monty Overbove: Monty's chance hasn't fully come, but plan on it, in "Fairwil."

Mr. Finley: He fixes a doorknob in "Redwoodian," but the conversation he holds with Fair while fixing it also aims to repair something else: His daughter's unwillingness to take the motel.

There are a few more instances, and some to come. But fixers, for me, are pretty heroic, even if they've only got a screwdriver and doorknob in hand.

cr: David Blaine


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