The Next and Last Book

You might recall that I predicted "Fairwil," the fourth and final Wilfair book, might surpass "Stay Awhile" in length, and while I hemmed and hawed over this, a few of you assured me that was a-ok.

So that's likely happening. Hoo boy.

When I started this all, a few years back, I was very concerned with toeing lines and obeying constructs and heeding lengths and smoothing feathers and following rules, much like Fair Finley at the start of her own bookly journey. Fair has to smash The Wilfair Hotel's mint dish, and I've had to learn how to smash a few of my own, too, along the way.

So now? Cautious line-toeing has gone fully out the (fogged-up) window. In short: Stick that noise!

Still on track for a late May ARC giveaway -- hooray! -- and feeling quite filled with emotion. Good emotion, happy emotion, because I've loved this. And I'm sad to see it go. It's time, and I like timely endings, but I know these people pretty well now, and I know you, which is far better than knowing my inside-the-book friends.

Bet I'll keep some of those other hotels mentioned in the books in my back pocket, just in case I'm inspired down the road. Nothing planned, but.


Right now The Yuletidery and Funeral Inn and Hotel Everywhere are all tiny twinkles inside a brain folder called Someday, Maybe.

Not much else to say about "Fairwil" at this point except A) it'll be hefty B) really hefty C) maybe twice-the-size-of-Wilfair hefty D) it'll be sparkly and E) I sit here and evil-villain-laugh a lot when I think of you reading particular parts.

I evil-villain-laughed through some of "Redwoodian" and a lot of "Stay Awhile," mind you, and those parts happened to be the ones readers reported back to me they re-read the most.

My promise to you, then: I'm going to evil-villain-laugh my way through this thing, straight through to late May.


Erika V. said...

First off, excellent gif. If there ever was a character to evil laugh, he wins.

Second off, yay book!!!!

Third off, this is bittersweet. We never want good things to end :) thank you for taking us on this journey with you. I have loved every second of it, especially the torturous parts :)

Unknown said...

May. MAY?!?!?!?!?! May is far away and this makes me sad. But also, BOOK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! which makes me happy.

A+ gif selection.

bess said...

I selfishly wish the Wilfair books could go on forever but is better to leave on a high note. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Fairwil and I hope it's as thick a Manhattan phone book. I'm looking forward to future writings (Wilfairian or otherwise) because I love the characters and worlds that you create.

myrandaroyann said...

I can't wait! But I can wait because that means the series won't end...but then I can't wait because I want to read more of the Wilfair world! It's a cycle of feels!

I love the idea of you evil laughing while thinking about us reading certain parts! That Salem gif is perfect.

Rosemary said...

Make it long! Make it real long! Make it two more books! Make it three more books!

I'm currently rereading the series because I couldn't wait any longer and Redwoodian. Gah! Sigh!

Also: I would absolutely without a doubt most definitely in a heartbeat read a Yuletidery book. CHRISTMAS 24/7 y'all!

Wilfair Book said...

These comments make me evil laugh EVEN HARDER. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

do dah said...

I am SO excited to find out what the mystery sequins mean! Also, my Christmas cactus seems to have just decided to bloom. Not sure why you needed to know this, but flowers are happy, so I shared.

Ulrika said...

Hefty books are the best. See "Jane Eyre", "A Storm of Swords", "East of Eden", all the Harry Potter books for reference :)

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