Where Gomery and Monty Overbove Hang Out on a Wednesday Night

Monty Overbove? I see him around Los Angeles a lot, in many incarnations.

I surmise there are a lot of Montys around because there are a lot of actors about, and actors have a certain sparkly confidence that I associate with the popcorn box-shouldered co-proprietor of the Motel Fairwil.

Gomery sightings are more fleeting. But I discovered that both Monty and his bespectacled cousin, or at least people who have a certain je ne sais Overbove, can be found at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on a weeknight.

Like, oodles of Overboves. When I exited our screening, and entered the cinema lobby, I thought, for half a second, that I might be at a Wilfair casting call (the one in my mind).

But, of course, I was with Monty numero uno, Mr. Painter, although I can be pretty Monty, too. We're a fairly quippy duo, we Painters, which I like to think keeps us on our verbal toes, even as it likely exhausts the patience of our friends.

This isn't necessarily a post about where the fictional characters from the Wilfairverse spend their hump days. It's actually a short love letter to the ArcLight Cinemas, which is indeed a multi-screen movie house but has a lobby that summons the spirit of an old-fashioned train station. Or airport departure lounge.

I love that idea. You're about to enter a story, for a couple of hours, so why shouldn't the space you pass through be one that signifies travel? A thrilling journey? Your movie ticket almost feels like your passport.

Why buildings have to look like we expect them to is beyond me. Creative architecture, I like you. Add to that a bevy of Montys and Gomerys -- Monties and Gomeries? -- some fresh popcorn, and a quippy fellow at my side and I'm as happy as a hotel heiress who's just taken off her snood after a long day.

cr: ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood


Kelly said...

That's so cool! I love almost all cinemas, but I'm especially affectionate about any that go the extra mile like this, whether it's through decor, or extra good service, or really great programming.

There seem to be a bunch of fun new event-cinema companies cropping up recently, the weirdest of which is probably Hot Tub Cinema, where they set up a bunch of hot tubs and a big outdoor screen in a cool location and show old movies. I'm not totally sure if I want to jump into a hot tub in public just to see a film, but I definitely support the spirit of it.

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