Creative Friends

It's true: Most everyone in LA has their creative thing.

This is absolutely true everywhere, of course, but I suspect Angelenos feel it is their local duty to have an Important Artistic Project in their back pocket. It's charming, it's common, and I'm 100% guilty.

Asking after a pal's magic variety hour or comedy night or web series or songwriting gig is one of the first things I do should I randomly run into them at the store.

Then they're like: "How're your books?"

"Good! Almost done."

"Wow! About the... roller coaster?"

"Swimming pool. And there's some swoon and vintage dresses and magic realism. You know Wilshire and Fairfax? It's kind of set there. Also, mastodons. Also, cheese dip."

"Right! Cool!"

High fives ensue.

But sometimes the Important Artistic Project leaves the back pocket and becomes a friend's Important Career. My friend Eric Buss is talented magician who makes a living building the weirdest contraptions and performing with them, magically, hither and yon.

He debuted a wacky invention last summer -- the Bubble Wrap Bike -- and it went viral. The happy ending? Bubble Wrap recently named him the first inductee in the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame. (Another happy ending? Eric uses the wrap he rides over for packing his inventions later on, when he needs to ship 'em. Good to know.)

Yeah. The lady behind Wilfair does indeed keep some quirky company. I can't and won't deny it. I can't and won't deny that I'm a little obsessed with popping tiny bubbles, too. Pop, pop, pop.

Here's to you, dear readers, your creative projects, and the interesting people you know.


Kelly said...

I want one!! I can never ever resist the satisfaction of popping all the bubbles on bubble wrap whenever something is delivered wrapped up in it. Usually by jumping up and down on it. This is like standard bubble wrap fun turned up to 11!

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