A magical inflatable city brimming with hue and wonder arrived in a Los Angeles park last September.

It was called Exxopolis. I called it "a bounce house for grown-ups" although there was no bouncing. There was simply walking through colorful curved room after colorful curved room, marveling and enjoying.

I find inspiration in lots of little ways, but you can bet that Exxopolis was on the bigger end of the inspiration scale. I want the Finley family to have a hotel that looks like this!

Regardless, I'm wild about interesting interiors and eye-popping spaces and extreme color saturation. My beautiful friend Rachel snapped some pics -- #nofilter, I'll add -- inside, and I wanted to share them here. (Props to Ms. Rachel, too, who looks to artworks like Exxopolis for inspiration while making her pretty jewelry.)

The insta-city departed LA after a few days but wowza.


Erika C. said...

The elusive ninth floor of Wilfair, perhaps?

bess said...

Good call, Erika! It would be nice and light though plumbing could be an issue.

I really like public art installations, they attract so many people that wouldn't normally seek out 'art'. Did this look crazy from the outside? What was it like to be in it?

Amanda W said...

Very cool!

Wilfair Book said...

Love the 9th floor idea!

Bess, it looked like a mega bounce house from the outside, like at a fair. Inside was not what I expected, though. Mondo color saturation and little else. Which was great! The minimalism added to the stark color overload.

It was magical and ethereal inside, and HOT, too, since LA had a heat wave the weekend I was there. Though props to the Exxopolis people, who did have the air flowing.

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