Favorite Literary Couples

My hopes and goals for the Wilfair series absolutely tip the quirkier side of the gamut, and a lot of them have been met. Met in all sorts of strange and delightful and occasionally painful and usually weird ways.

I wanted to meet readers -- I just didn't know it would happen so often in person! -- and I wanted to read what people might write within the world. Oh, and enjoy some art, too.

I seed the Wilfairverse, for its own sake, with plenty of visual elements and vintage dresses and glitter and such, but did I keep a thought, as I set out, that someone might do something with those visuals? Draw a mint dish or neon sign? You betcha. Maybe I'm a tad shameless in this regard, but I like a lot of airflow through a world.

And among the brain folders holding my Wilfair hopes is one labeled "Favorite Literary Couples." I hoped that Fair and Gomery would show up on a blog's favorite couple round-up one day. That's all. That's it. My fingers have been crossed for that little milestone, since the beginning.

So thank you, Amanda W. of Amanda Loves Words, for this surprise inclusion, just in time for Valentine's Day. Thank you so much. You are too kind!

Have we talked favorite couples here? I must go with Amanda: I'm a big Anne Shirley-Gilbert Blythe fan. And Beatrice and Benedick of "Much Ado About Nothing" have also won my heart. Banter! Matched wits! Heck yeah.


bess said...

Oh that is some good company to be in! It makes me want to read the books I'm not as familiar with because I'm such a fan of the ones that I do know on her list. Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth are my favorite Austen couple by far.

Ulrika said...

Did someone say "Favorite Literary Couples"?! *bursts through doors waving a thick notebook*. OK, here goes:
- Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder (because he saw how awesome she was before she realized it herself, and because their courtship was totally modest and super appropriate and demure but still managed to be hot hot hot)
- Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe
- Kambili & Father Amadi (because the wasted potential of their connection and relationship absolutely destroyed me)
- Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester
- Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger (because they are PERFECT for each other and nothing J.K. Rowling says can convince me otherwise)

Wilfair Book said...

Bess, I know. I'm ready to jump into some fresh stories from Amanda's list.

Ulrika: Your picks are juicy and jammin', both. I'm 100% about Ron and Hermione, too, by the by.

But this has me laughing: Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder (because he saw how awesome she was before she realized it herself, and because their courtship was totally modest and super appropriate and demure but still managed to be hot hot hot)

YES, ha ha ha! I'm a huge "Little House" fan and reread the books quite often! I didn't know you were the same. Oh yeah. Fist bump from LA!

do dah said...

1) I second/third/whatever Anne and Gilbert, because they were the fundamental literary couple of my young life.

2) I also like Lizzie Bennet and Darcy because they (eventually) inspire each other to be (moderately) better people. Definitely a fan of Wentworth as well, although Ann is a bit spineless for me… but she gets there.

3) James from the Lish McBride's Necromancer books is one of my favorite characters in anything, ever, and I like him and Haley (which is currently just hinted at, but…)

4) Meg and Calvin in "A Wrinkle in Time" because they're both smart and awesome and learn to lean on each other. I'm not positive that I love how this relationship changes towards the end of this extremely disconnected collection of books, but I like it in the first three.

5) Possibly the sort of doomed couple in Milan Kundera's "Identity," precisely because of the way they are doomed. It's not a happy story, but there's a sort of poetic justice or vicious pleasure there, somehow.

6) Maybe the kids from "The Fault in Our Stars," because they love each other for exactly who they are and really live in the time they have. I'd have to read it again, mostly I remember so many tears...

bess said...

Fun times!

Anne and Gilbert (duh), as previously stated, Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester (I have talked myself into and out of a Jane Eyre-inspired tattoo repeatedly), Clare and Henry of The Time Traveler's Wife... I know there are more ...

Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder! yes! My mom read me all the Little House books (skipping the Long Winter because it was too dark) and I later read my copies to pieces. I was sort of obsessed with proposal scenes and could, perhaps, recite Laura and Almanzo's engagement from memory (the ring was a garnet with pearl on each side) as well as Laurie and Amy's in the rowboat from Little Women. It was gateway romance for young Bess.

Amanda W said...

Bess, if you like Ann Elliott and Captain Wentworth, have you read For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund? It's a sci-fi retelling of Persuasion and it's amazing!

bess said...

Amanda W. - It's been on my list of things to read. I love Sci-fi and Persuasion so it's a perfect combo for me. Thank you!

Ulrika said...

@bess: ah YES, the proposal scene! I always thought it was so sneaky how Almanzo worded it, the way he managed to ask Laura if she wanted to marry him without actually asking "Will you marry me?" :)

Wilfair Book said...

Ulrika -- yes! The proposal. Gooood.

And I, too, love sci-fi and Austen, so I need to look into that book. Amanda, I think we might have discussed it once. It's on my list for sure.

Nothing to add except cheer here. Love this comment thread.

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