Hammer Down!

I've spoken a few times about the Queen Mary, the vintage ocean liner permanently docked in Long Beach. It's now a hotel and historic site, and practically everyone thinks "Titanic" was filmed on it, at least in part. (It wasn't.)

The Queen Mary is one inspiration for The Wilfair Hotel. One reason? The indoor pool is called one of the most haunted places in California. Gorgeous pool + 1930s + swimsuit-sporting spirits? You know I eat it up. (If you've ever seen a paranormal show, you've seen the Queen Mary. There are nightly ghost tours.)

Last weekend, though, was ScotsFestival, the ship's annual celebration honoring its birthplace or, er, builtplace: the River Clyde in Scotland. I didn't make the party, but I've been inspired by one of the promo pictures, a Highland Games athlete throwing the hammer.


I'm posting this photo on a Sunday, ahead of our week, in case you need to refer back to it on Monday or Tuesday. Do you feel it? You do. Hammer down, Wilfairians!

And I'll add the Queen Mary to the future WilfairCon weekend schedule. Good by you?


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