Raising a Shirley Temple

...to Shirley Temple Black, who passed away at the age of 85.

One of my favorite actresses when I was a small, curly-headed tot, no doubt about it. Such pluck! Such sparkle! And what a life of service she went on to live.

And, of course, Ms. Temple inspired one of my favorite drinks, a drink I order whenever I need a little cheer and fizz. Fair Finley is smart when it comes to her Shirleys, as she always goes for the extra cherries.

A good lesson to live by? Indeed.

cr: Richard Moross

Oh, and here's a cute snap of Shirley working a candy counter while raising funds for the Red Cross back in 1936. Where is she? Why Farmers Market. The same Farmers Market mentioned in the Wilfair books, yep yep. Would Sutton and her grandmother move their fruit shop into that very space one day?



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