Wilfair Style by Reader Bess

Ms. Bess. B. compiled a perfect Wilfair style page on Pinterest awhile back, and I've been meaning to highlight it here for the longest time:

Wilfair Book Style

I'm wild about the items she chose to highlight: a four-color pen, a smart necktie, and a few perfect Fair Finley dresses.

Also, I like the vintage photo below and what Bess said about it:

"I see Fair as a gardenia-corsage-type-of girl."

Oh, me too.

Thank you, Bess! I enjoyed your Wilfair style page v. v. v. mucho. And I'm wild about the scent of gardenias, and how that heady perfume can trail you all night, if they're pinned to your shoulder in just the right place.

Actually, this young lady is quite Fair. Is she your Fair, too?


Unknown said...

Hey now! Ha! I almost forgot that I made this board. I had to update it with an important bathing suit that is Wilfair-ian in nature just now.

Gardenias! i love so much. We had a bush of them in the yard of our old house and the lovely scent would just hang in the air on hot days.

thank you for posting

do dah said...

Well done, Miss Bess. I love the Rita Hayworth pic. And the bathing suits. Please tell me you own/will soon own at least half of them!

Unknown said...

Do dah, I do have the cherry print one and it's the best bathing suit I've ever owned.

Kelly said...

So much lovely eye candy on that board! Following you on Pinterest now. I especially want that polka dot dress

do dah said...

Excellent, Bess!

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