Embarrassment Is Not Embarrassing

"Singin' in the Rain" is a movie I'm completely besotted with. It's incredibly good and funny and romantic and beautiful and perfect -- that's all -- and if you haven't seen it please see it at once.

Lina Lamont is my favorite character. She's the self-absorbed movie star and paramour -- at least in her mind -- to Gene Kelly's Don Lockwood. Lina is full of herself and highly unaware of what people think of her.

But that's why I like her. Another character's unawareness might make them cruel or laughable, but Lina is kind of a cheerful bulldozer of a person, pushing ahead merrily and without apology.

When it comes to Wilfair, I turn to Lina, my cinematic role model, for a kick in the pants. When you're on a big project, and you're worried about every last thing, and people's reactions, and getting the word out, the very best thing to do is to, well, finish.

You have to be a bit blithe and devil-may-care along the way, too, or you're sunk.

And if you get embarrassed, from time to time, and think "doinks, what am I doing?" Well, embarrassment is not embarrassing. It's human.

One of my favorite Lina lines is when several characters are watching a preview of a movie she's in, with an audience, and it is not going well -- everyone is laughing at her. Lina doesn't understand this. Rather, she's loving the film and experience. Her happy reaction to the film?

It sounds good and loud.

It's a phrase I keep with me at all times: It sounds good and loud. If I ever get embarrassed or tired or in a funk, I think those words: It sounds good and loud.

Sometimes that's the only way to push through: By owning a bulldozer-like blitheness of spirit, lightly sprinkled with a healthy dose of devil-may-care-o-sity.


Ulrika said...

"Well, embarrassment is not embarrassing. It's human." - if there was a like button for blog posts I'd be hitting it so hard right now :D

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