Motel Fairwil's Motel Neighbor

There's no motel at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, except in my mind and maybe yours.

But there is a motel up the street. It's very charming and I'm sure the Overboves keep an eye on it, wondering how they can better the Motel Fairwil and make it as cute as the Farmer's Daughter.

The real motel sits across Fairfax Avenue from Farmers Market -- the public market mentioned in the books -- and it has a lightly applied farm theme. The outer walls are painted gingham and rakes and such serve as the decorations.

This is all in the heart of the bustling city, mind you. I love when quaintness pops up in unexpected places.

Fun fact: This is where a lot of contestants on "The Price is Right" stay, as it is right across the street from where the show films.

Bikes for borrowing.

Polaroids of "The Price is Right" fans in the lobby.

Gingham exterior, with palms.

Bacon in space. Best painting ever?

Complimentary barbecue potato chips, while you wait to register.


Every motel worth its neon sign needs Christmas lights up year-round.

The pool swarms with over-sized rubber ducks.

Get a diving board, you two!

Lobby art.

The farmer's daughter waters the address.

I hope Monty, Gomery, and Fair learn to ride a bike soon.

Lending library on the front of the motel.


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