People Getting Along

Stories where the principal characters generally get along, with only small quibbles or disagreements from time to time, are a little too rare for my tastes.

Maybe this is because amity and working-together-ness might be perceived as the drama deflaters. I don't think so; the drama just has to hail from elsewhere.

When director-writer Harold Ramis passed away a few weeks ago, a lot of eulogists wrote about "Ghostbusters" and marveled that the four main leads never fight each other. Oh, they disagree, but they remain on each others' sides for the whole story.

And my favorite relationship of "Pride & Prejudice"? Probably Jane and Elizabeth. They've always got the other's best interests in mind.

A teacher in a college improv class told me that a scene or skit should never start with two people fighting, even if there is a problem. The two people have to work together, and give support, and then the little fights and tiffs can arise along the way.

Interesting. I'm sure there are great exceptions to the rule, but it feels like more is at stake when people at least start off together, rather than in opposite corners.

That's obviously something dear to my heart in the Wilfair world. People-getting-along-ness.


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