A Reader Writes

A reader dear to me dropped me a line and I was so charmed by her question that I wanted to share it here, with only the minimum of paraphrasing.

Dear Alysia: I've been thinking about "Fairwil" and I want you to know that I'll be sad if Fair and Gomery meet at the diving board in the very last paragraph of the book on the very last line, or don't somehow get together, even if not under the diving board, before the final page. You wouldn't do that to us, would you?

Dear Reader: How are you? So great to hear from you. What's new? I've been happily busy, finishing up this last book for a late spring publication. You're all on my mind and I think of you often, even as I'm away from this blog for a bit. Please be well and let me know all that is going on in your life. Also? I wouldn't.



Jamila said...

I am not said Reader, and the thought hadn't crossed my mind that you wouldn't. Until I read that question and then I got all panicky. I love the sweetly longing and the almost but not quite-ness of it all, but I need me some everloving diving board! And then I read your reply. Whew! Thank you for squashing that panic in the bud.

Rosemary said...


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