Page 316, Fairwil

         Monty plucked a carnation from the arrangement and attempted to slide it into a nonexistent pocket on a nonexistent lapel on a nonexistent jacket. He scraped the leafy stem against his bare chest a few times before sighing. “Huh. This isn't working. Where's my buttonhole?"
          I grabbed the flower and stuck it behind his ear. "You're not wearing a suit."
         "Au contraire, Fair. What do you call this?" He gestured at his swim trunks.
         He had a point.

  cr: RichardBH


Unknown said...

*grabby hands*

(For Fairwil, not Monty's chest. That would be weird...)

Rosemary said...

Would it, though?

(re: Melbourne's comment)

Wilfair Book said...

Everything here.

Also, you two funny people would get along. I hope your paths cross one day. Please come see me in LA and I'll make that happen.

myrandaroyann said...

I don't know how to explain the sounds I make when I read these excerpts you've posted. It's not a's kind of a mischievous snicker...but a kind-hearted snicker. :)

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