The Magnanimous Heiress

One of my favorite fictional character types, and one I don't see nearly enough, for my tastes, is the Magnanimous Heiress.

I simply mean that woman of means who doesn't spend her days shopping, chillaxing, and staring in the mirror, thinking about how she'll further feather her nest tomorrow. She's actively involved in the lives of those she loves, to their benefit.

Fair Finley is definitely a M.H. in training. She has a good heart and wants everyone to win. She isn't especially stuck on herself, though she lives in the world of her head. She has self-centered impulses, but tries to self-correct.

I'd love for Fair to look to two of my favorite Magnanimous Heiresses for inspiration: Auntie Mame and Diana Barry's Great-Aunt Josephine of the "Anne of Green Gables" books.

Huh. Just realized they're both aunts. Hmm. Interesting. Both are also twinkly of eye, have good senses of humor, and don't take their riches all that seriously. Moreover, they care about others, not just themselves.

Do you have a favorite in this category?


bess said...

Miss Havisham? Also a aunt and probably the opposite of magnanimous. But she was doing the ghost bride/ decaying ballgown/grunge look a hundred years before it was chic ;)

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