Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the ladies who swing by the blog -- Ginny, Elisa, Melodee, Lady Jamila, wealhtheow, kitzie, hello hello -- and thanks for all you do!

I love my mom so much. She just means everything to me, always and forever and to the edge of the Solar System.

Look how stylish and cool-as-a-cucumber she is in this photo (and, yep, that's the Matterhorn in Disneyland in the background and my dad's thumb in the foreground).

Hope your day has been brunchy, Wilfair moms, and contained at least one solid nap and hug-a-thon.


Ginny said...

:) Aww, thank you! My boys did all of my regular Sunday chores and cooked me breakfast and dinner! We also went and visited both moms and spent some time with them! It was a fabulous day!

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