Page 398, Fairwil

     Later, when Gomery and I met for dinner at the Mmm Mmm CafĂ©, any rumor of my corporate-minded iciness was dispelled when we competed to see who could melt an ice cube faster on the tip of their tongue.
     I ordered a sarsaparilla, and he a Shirley Temple with extra cherries. When we reached the bottom of our drinks we fished out similarly sized cubes, taking our tongue-out, ready-to-race starting positions.
     I won by seconds, a triumph that impressed my tablemate, especially because I managed to keep a straight face throughout, something he could not.
     So impressed was my competitor by my feat that he asked me to repeat it, which I did as a courtesy curtain call for my appreciative audience.
     Engrossed, actually.

cr: Kyle May


myrandaroyann said...

This is an excellent excerpt! Made me grin like a fool! :)

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