The State of the Fairwil

So the book is done. Hooray!

And it is long.

I've cut quite a bit, and it still is longer than "Stay Awhile." I was tempted, some months back, to split it in two, but I don't want to do that. It's one full work, complete and braided together in a hundred little ways, and halving it is not an answer.

That said, I'm going to have a few more eyes look at it next week. It's my favorite book of the four, I say with pride and joy, and it flies, flies, flies, mostly, except one bit, which is too syrupy and slow for my zippy tastes.

Addressing that now. As soon as it flies like the rest of the book, it goes to my editor.

Thanks for your patience, your support, and your emails and hellos. So sweet. And three readers, two from faraway states and one from across the Atlantic, are due to visit me over the next two months! Whoa. I'm a lucky lady. That's a nice way to finish out a big project -- fun times with Wilfair people.

If you can't wait -- if you really, really can't -- drop me a line. I may slip you a chapter or two. Or post what comes right after the end of book three here. You know me: I like spoiling you.

cr: Remi


Jade said...

So excited and can't wait to read it!!

do dah said...

excited! congratulations on finishing. :)

nicole said...

congrats!!! can't wait to read it!

Rosemary said...


Can not wait. CANNOT. I love to be spoiled, so I might be emailing you begging for a chapter.

Sarah said...

Yay! so excited to read it :) I was just rereading Stay Awhile and came on here to see when the next one was coming!

myrandaroyann said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't wait for the book or my visit! ;)

Amanda W said...

Yay! I'm currently re-reading and am so looking forward to Fairwil.

Ulrika said...

Obviously can't wait.

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