I've known Luisa and Tracy for three decades now and we're one tight trio. My two ladies inform a lot of what I do.

Tracy has a lot of the qualities of Sutton Von Hunt and constantly pulsates a message of fun and carefree awesome-a-tude to the world, like some ship-to-ship Aldis lamp.

Luisa is an artist, a beautiful spirit, a traveler and a thinker. She's hugely funny, too.

Neither of my best friends has ever given a flying fig about convention, norms, or expectations. Luisa would wear men's ties as belts to school, and feathery boas as wraparound hats. (So, yes, Luisa is my vintage-loving sartorial beacon when I write.)

Some of Wilfair's esoteric and eccentric qualities, not to mention its affection for art and adventure, come from my friendship with this lady.

And Tracy? She hasn't an ounce of embarrassment or self-consciousness. What other people think of her matters not, but, of course, everyone loves loves loves Tracy and her larger-than-life-ness. She'll volunteer to be the magician's assistant without hesitation, or try a crazy dish. And she always helps the shyer people in a group feel emboldened and safe.

Friendship is so important in the Wilfair world, and it is to me, too. How can I not celebrate my BFFs?


Tracy, excited about going on a roller coaster and atop a tar pits sloth:

Luisa, in Berlin where she lives, posing dramatically in an old hotel and reading at an art conference:


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