Re-Reading the Books

Writing the Wilfair books has meant the occasional down point -- like life, yes? -- and many gifts and joys I could have never predicted.

I stand by meeting and making friends with readers as Gift #1. Love it.

But a rather amazing and wonderful thing I didn't expect? A number of you have revealed you've read the series more than once. I'm going to guess, from what you've told me, that "Stay Awhile" is your big go-to re-read. One reader just told me she's read it nine times.

Nine times!

Another reader recently shared a quote from the book on her Facebook page, after a "Stay Awhile" re-read, and it happens to be one I'm rather sweet on. So I'll share it here.

"Love begins when you care about how a person cares for everyone who isn't you and how he cares for everything that isn't his." 

Thanks again for re-reading, or even reading once, or trying the books out. All means much! Happy weekend.



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