Reader Field Trip

It's true: I love meeting readers on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue here in Los Angeles. That's the main setting for Wilfair, of course, and we've taken a few snapshots together, over the months.

And in anticipation of a reader visit tomorrow -- holler, Myrandaaaaaa -- I thought I'd share a few new photos, but this time, dun dun dun, they weren't snapped at Wilshire and Fairfax.

Remember CaitlinCon from the winter? When I hung with not one but two readers named Caitlin? CaitlinCon had a delightful sequel in May. Let's call it: CaitlinCon: The Revisitation.

I adore those Caitlins. And we went beyond the corner, for a visit to a spooky museum in Culver City. Aren't they the cutest?

And can anyone guess the ***real actual *** set Caitlin #1 and I visited? At Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank? Here we are, doing our best Monica and Rachel.

Who knew making Friends -- hi, hint hint, yep -- with readers would be a thing? Wilfair, you matchmaker you.


do dah said...

Cuteness. :)

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