Readers Leslie and Caitlin #2 Visit Wilshire and Fairfax!

The only thing that will make me step away from "Fairwil" -- and it is finished, finished, finished -- just needs some editor love, stay tuned, soon soon -- is when a reader comes to call.

A number of you have come to call, too! Loving it. Always here and eager to socialize with ya.

Not one but two readers swung by Wilshire and Fairfax yesterday. Meet Leslie from Sacramento, who adores "Anne of Green Gables" and adores Gold Country history and is a big fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (like many of you). Leslie, you are so easy to pass the time with. Come back soon!

And you know Caitlin #2, who has cameo'd here before. She's the funny LA-based reader who gamely shows up to say hello and lend her charms and sass when other readers swing through town. How great is that? Wilfair readers are so nice. (Yes, Caitlin #2, I said SASS.)

We ate sushi at Farmers Market then made for Wilshire and Fairfax for a sunny day photo. The theme? Flowers, since it is summer, and both Leslie and Caitlin #2 have a June birthday (actually the very same day).

We also called upon Levitated Mass, the boulder you can walk under at the art museum next door. Remember seeing it at CaitlinCon a few months back?

The visit ended with a stroll through the lamppost installation in front of the museum. It is in "Fairwil" which I hinted at greatly during our walk. It is REALLY in "Fairwil." Things, happening, some people yelling "yell." Hinty hinty hints.

It was a most excellent day, ladies. Thanks for visiting the Wilfairverse!


Caitlin #2 said...

Is it just me, or does it look like Leslie is wearing that car as a jaunty little cap? :D

Wilfair Book said...

Kind of! I like it. Car hats for all the quirky people!

myrandaroyann said...

Ha! I thought that car looked like a hat at first, too! :) I love the flowers. :) I'm a June birthday as well. June birthdays unite!!

Rosemary said...

Why must I live so far away!!?! :(

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