Reader Kelly Visits Wilshire and Fairfax!

When I met my reader Kelly lo about two years ago, and learned she wore a princess dress on The Tube, I'd hoped we'd meet in person one day. Anyone who goes full princess on public transpo has my instant admiration. We MUST be friends.

But alas: She lives in London and I'm here in Los Angeles and being on opposite sides of the world would not make a meeting easy.

But that didn't mean it couldn't happen. It did, along with a fantastic afternoon of hanging out -- yep, a visit to the famous Harry Potter store in the Wilfair neighborhood was part of the high jinks -- and getting acquainted.

Ms. Kelly is seeing a bit of the world, and Arizona and the Grand Canyon is next. Which made the cowboy theme for our Wilshire and Fairfax corner picture appropriate and timely.

Just so you know, I am not making a "rrowr" hand but I like it because it looks that way. Rather, the wind was about to take my hat clean off. Also, Kelly and I applied our sticky mustaches blocks away from the photo site, proving that we're two ladies who would never shy away from costuming-up, even in the harsh light of day.

More reader corner pictures? They're here. And, excitement: I'm seeing two readers off-campus (aka away from Wilshire and Fairfax) next week. Readers of Wilfair? If you can't come to me, I'll go to you, or make a giant, sweaty, colossal, happy-hearted effort.

And now... Kelly!


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