We Are What We Say

What phrase or word do you repeat the most?

Like Fair Finley, I've struggled with losing "like" from my daily conversation. (I'm winning, like, sort of.)

But, beyond fillers, what idea do you express the most via what you say, day in and out?

I've been thinking about this lately and the people I know, particularly my father. Beyond being a hotel manager for 50 years, he's also an artist who looks deeply into things, especially the average, unnoticeable stuff. You can often find my dad staring at tree bark and door hinges and the sky and the ground, and he finds pleasure or something of interest in practically everything.

This, for sure, is something I inherited from him. The average is beautiful, to me. Even more so, sometimes, than the stuff we're told to believe is beautiful.

And my father's favorite go-to phrase, when observing anything? "That's wonderful."

We tease him about it, sometimes -- things aren't always wonderful, of course -- but to have those two words associated with you is indeed a rare thing. My dad's official life tagline is a good tagline.

My husband says that I say "I'm so happy right now" quite a bit. I really am, usually, but sometimes I say it as a bit of a jump-starter, when I see my mood flagging.

Usually works, too.


Ginny said...

I usually don't realize what I say a lot until I hear it out of my son or students' mouths. Current favorites are "Really? Really?" "Just saying." and "Oh my stars!"

bess said...

oh geez, so many things . . . the word 'awesome' is definitely overused, weirdly, the phrase 'six of one, half dozen of the other'and lately 'that's the jam' as my highest form of praise. As in "Wilfair is the jam!":)

Rosemary said...

I tend to overuse "amazing." Everything is amazing. And I call everyone girl. Including my fiancé sometimes. Like, he'll call and I'll answer the phone with "Hey girl" and when I get off the phone, the person I'm with will say "Who was that?" and I'll say "Aaron" and they will give me a weird look.

do dah said...

I'm a big fan of "oh, for the love of cheese!" as an expression of exasperation. Although I'll use stronger language as well; this one just happens to serve the dual purpose of making me laugh. I also say both "amazing" and "awesome" frequently. And my favorite phrase ever is "it depends," because it's almost always the right answer.

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