"Fairwil" Chapter Two

As promised, here's the next chapter in the book that is soon -- soon, soon -- to head your way. It follows the first "Fairwil" chapter, the one I included at the end of "Stay Awhile," and it definitely is a little spoilery, so if you want to wait, please skip the click!

Or write me and I'll whisper in your ear, if you want to know a little but not all.

Here's the very end of that chapter you've read, as a refresher, followed by a link to "Fairwil" Chapter Two.


         Gomery joined me. “You’re right. Let’s get the rest of this wall down.” We began ripping the old plaster with our hands, tearing and dropping chunks at our feet. He’d reach for another shred of wall and I’d already be on it, shredding. And then I discovered a fourth benefit to this particular exercise: People who are dying to kiss but haven’t should find a false wall and rip it down together, bare-handed and wet with perspiration.    
         Moments later we peered through the shreds.
         “One pool, coming right up!” Monty pushed his way to the dolphin door and again pulled out the small pin.
         “Are you abetting this criminal?” I asked Gomery.
         “For twenty-one years,” he smiled.
         “Careful, Monty! Be safe, please.”
         “Safe? Pah! I pah the word ‘safe’ right in safe’s face!” said Monty.
         “I’m liable for you, in this hotel.”
         “I’m going to add that term to my protective eyewear pickax fantasy. Will you talk about violation of statutes, too? Discuss breach of contract? Because those are good alone time words for me.” Seconds later, Monty jimmied it open. The door gave with a groan and a cobwebby puff.
         “Stairs,” I breathed.
         “Stairs,” said Gomery.
         “Miss Finley, no need to be jealous that me and Mer are living with our own super-secret crouton stairway, ‘cause you’ve got your very own set!”
        Monty turned the flashlight beam to the ground. Blue-tile stairs led downward into a pitch-black room. “Highly crumbly. Very old. Potential for falling is high. So, who’s going down first?”

Fairwil Chapter Two


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