Medusa, Spaghetti, and Fairwil

What? Two reader visits, two days in a row, just ahead? C'mon. Don't make me cartwheel in a field of daisies, you guys!

Three things are making me so happy today:

1. You. I love Wilfair readers, like huggy love-love, and I've heard, randomly, from a few new people in the last week, all hellos and sparkle. Wait until you meet the reader who has been leaving secret Wilfair notes in a library in Australia. You guys. This is happening.

2. The fact that I had this email exchange with another reader last night regarding our meet-up today:

Me: "Meet me by the spaghetti sculpture at the museum."
Reader: "Yay!"
Me: "Also, will you wear a shiny, snake-covered Medusa hat for our photo?"
Reader: "Sure I will!"

Okay, that was not verbatim, but very much the spirit of the conversation. AMAZING. The fires of reader love have been further stoked. See spaghetti sculpture and Medusa hat below.

(YES, I own a Medusa hat. Why? In case I need a Medusa hat.)

3. Sending out a PDF of the last Wilfair book in one week and a couple of days to anyone who drops me a line. Really. A few weeks after that, I'll reach out to anyone I haven't heard from. Truth: I'm squealing, piglet-like, over this, but trying to keep my cool.

But I am not cool, because I own a shiny Medusa hat. Or am I extra cool? Jury's out.

Happy weekend!

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myrandaroyann said...

Yay for visits! I wish I had a medusa hat. ;) I'm so excited to read the last book! I usually describe my squeals/screeches as being like a pterodactyl, but I like the piglet comparison. Have you seen the vine with a tiny, baby pig bouncing through the grass. It's adorable.

Wilfair Book said...

No! But I'm looking for that piglet video right now! P.S. Myranda -- I was just thinking of you because I came across that photo of you in the green snood. ;) Have a great long weekend!

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