Reader Rebecca Visits Wilfair

I met Rebecca from New England yesterday and WHAT a delight that young lady is.


Monty Overbove talks about Fair Finley's vivacity in "Fairwil" and I would say the same about Ms. Rebecca. She is vivacious, through and through.

As is her cousin Wendy, who joined us (and who also used "vivacious" to describe Rebecca -- it works). I'll post our Official Corner Photo soon in this space, but for now I had to share this darlingness: Rebecca swung by Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, the setting for the Wilfair books, a few days ahead of us meeting up on the corner.

Which means she made two visits to the Land o' Wilfair, one on her own (or without me in tow, at least), which really turns my heart into solid gold.

Here are the first photos Rebecca snapped, before I knew she was even in town. She tried (successfully) to get both street signs in the second picture.

I promise everyone here: If I'm driving through the intersection and I see someone snapping a photo, I am SO pulling my car over to see if it is Wilfair-related. And if it isn't, maybe I'll make a new friend? Fingers crossed.

More on Rebecca and Wendy and our official photo and our magical standing-inside-spaghetti photo soon!


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