Dapper Day Gorgeousness

Wilfairians! Dapper Day was back this weekend at Disneyland and when I wasn't obsessing over "Fairwil" I was prowling around social media obsessing over outfits and hairdos and how much style the attendees brought.

You know Dapper Day, yes? It's where people get very dressy and head for the Magic Kingdom, which is exactly 45 minutes southeast of The Wilfair Hotel. Vintage is the general theme, though not required.

I adore this beautiful couple most, I think. His fedora and pocket handkerchief, her dress (which I own! But it looks so much better on her) and the fact that they had a sketch done of their stylishness.

You can find more Dapper Day photos this way. Believe me, make time to look: They're good. (If you see Fair Finley in one, let me know.)

Unrelated, but still in the vintage theme: I've had this larky little song in my head all weekend.


bess said...

Gorgeous! I dig her hat and shades as well. They make a dashing pair. Have any of you Californians been to Dapper Day?

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