Motel Sign Love

Motel signs play a rather significant role in the Wilfair books. I just like 'em, is all, especially when they're neon.

And I really really like when they advertise what the motel offers. Hotels pretty much never do this -- too posh, I suppose -- but motels want passersby to know EVERYTHING that's within. They lay it all out there.

Here's Charles Phoenix, a history-loving entertainer who lives here in LA (he shows slides from 50 or so years ago and cracks wise about them and is hilarious).

And here's the Pink Motel, which is also here in LA. It clearly is a) air-conditioned b) by refrigeration c) it has a TV d) there's a cafe and e) it is open 24 hours.

We know all of these things from the sign. How very helpful!

And how colorful, too. I would say this style is very reminiscent of the Motel Fairwil.

Which is also 24 hours. Monty and Gomery Overbove frequently have to wake up in the night to register guests, but, let's be honest: It's Gomery. The particular pitch of the bell on the motel door is one that Monty can't quite seem to hear when he's enjoying his beauty rest.


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