Swimming Pool Bear

Southern California has weathered a prolonged heat wave, but that's not unusual: September is our hottest month (perhaps the trade-off for our cool and damp Junes).

This beautiful black bear found respite in a Sierra Madre swimming pool. I love swimming pools and I love bears, and both are California icons, so I'm sharing here.

Sierra Madre is a mountain-close community that sees a lot of bear visitors, but all of Los Angeles, for as urban and dense as it is, gets wildlife action thanks to the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills cutting a natural swath through the city.

Motel Fairwil's swimming pool would probably never host a bear, but possums and raccoons have been known to frequent the Wilfair/Fairwil neighborhood.

So it would not surprise me if Monty and Gomery Overbove found a raccoon sitting on their pool's steps during a September scorcher.

But how would they get him out? And would they try? I believe the cousins would vote to let the raccoon chillax and cool off, despite the protests of guests.


Chiara said...

I love bears! I wouldn't want to stand in front of one but I love them, they're so cute. Love the video.

I'll share my favorite bear video of Ben the Bear, the first part shows his previous living arrangements, which are sad but then it ends with his rescue and his first ever bath <3

The Wilfair/Fairwil neighborhood sounds a bit like Pawnee with its possums and raccoons ;)

Amanda W said...

Mentioning Pawnee...I now have an image of Ben and Leslie taking a vacation to LA and staying at the Fairwil, but spending a few meals at the 500 Dip Bar (can you do that if you aren't a guest?).

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Sweet Ben! I hadn't seen that video. I loved seeing him splash around in the pool at the end. He seems so contented. Thank you for sharing!

And I laughed at Pawnee, so, yep, Amanda, I'm totally down with Ben and Leslie staying at Motel Fairwil. And you can definitely eat at the 500 Dip Bar if you aren't an official guest of The Wilfair Hotel! The Finleys like turning a profit, even on dip.

Randomly, I saw a raccoon today in Hollywood near a major street. I was like "run, little guy, run!" We don't get a lot in the city, but they love to travel/explore.

Rosemary said...

I wish bears weren't so ferocious because I just want to cuddle them whenever I see videos of them. Los Angeles seems like such a weird place to see wildlife. Growing up in rural Arkansas, I've seen just about everything, but never a bear! My brother was camping in Colorado once and a bear crossed his path about ten feet in front of him. Luckily, Evan is literally always holding a camera to his face and the moment didn't go undocumented:


(hopefully you can see that?)

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