Wilfair Visit for Reader Rebecca and Wendy

Happy Monday!

A couple of weeks back I received a wonderful hello from Rebecca, a reader from New England, and her funny cousin Wendy, who lives here in Los Angeles.

We three met at the art museum next to Wilshire and Fairfax and enjoyed interesting refreshing beverages. I say "interesting" because mine was lemonade and iced tea, a traditional Arnold Palmer, but there was this hibiscus double-color thing going on.

Oh, art museums, you are even fancy with your beverages.

Before that we posed inside the museum's famous spaghetti sculpture -- actually not spaghetti but tiny yellow tubes (artist/title: Jesus Rafael Soto's "Penetrable"). The museum guard who took our photo was calling out poses and took several shots. Nice.

Then we headed to the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax for our Official Blog Photo. Rebecca had already visited the books' official corner without me for photos, so she knew the landscape of the area. And as we walked from the museum to the corner, I hinted at plot points to come in "Fairwil," which I will do when you're walking with me at the museum, because Stuff Will Happen There for Fair Finley.
As for our photo? It was a gas. Yep, Ms. Rebecca wore the Medusa hat, as she promised, Wendy went candelabra, and I held a fake raven. The theme? "Spooky lit." Which made total sense, since it was one of the hottest, sunniest days of the year here.

But it worked! Even if passersby, once again, had NO idea what we were doing and were maybe even a mite disturbed.

And because the Medusa hat fit Rebecca's head so very well -- I couldn't even put it on my elbow if I tried -- I asked her to keep it with only one request: Please send me a photo, every now and then, of the shiny, hard-to-miss Medusa hat popping up in strange places.

Rebecca, being the sweetheart she is, complied right away: I received a text of Rebecca, her brother, and the Medusa hat from the plane later that evening. Sweet!

Even sweeter: I met a new local buddy. Wendy, let's hang out! It's great when readers and I become friends, yep, but I also love when readers lead me to new friends, too.


Wendy said...

Greetings from France! It was so great meeting you too! I'm glad you got to experience in person the fabulousness that is Rebecca. And Wilfair was the perfect companion for my flight! We will definitely hang out when I get back!

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