Reader Love = Sparkly Cat Masks

Wilfair friends!

My, but my fall has been something else. Yours, too? Thank you for patience with me, with the book, with this blog, THIS BLOG, oh goodness sakes, which now has a few tiny cobwebs behind its bloggy ears.

I'm clearing them out, though, and the next couple of weeks shall be BIG. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'm planning for a few upcoming reader visits, which meant a trip to the local Halloween store to stock up on foolish, fabulous things to wear.

If you're thinking of paying me a visit at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles in the near future please know that I may ask you to wear one of the following items for our official Wilfair photo:

-- A sparkly cat mask
-- Giant green extra-long monster fingers
-- Elbow-length sateen evening gloves

I also have some flowery leis. And, true, really only the evening gloves apply to the Wilfairverse, but it is a costume-loving world, one that is a little bit smitten with the outlandish. Hence, monster fingers. (I hope every time you read the words "monster fingers" you hear a groany monster voice in your head.)

Thinking of you all, happy October, hugs.


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