The 22-Year Pumpkin Project

Happy weekend!

"Fairwil" is almost done being edited by my gallivant-around-the-world editor! I'm sure it'll come back to me filled with international flavor. I hope? Maybe it'll have picked up a few phrases while abroad? A saucy word or two?

Guys, I'm THRILLED. And relieved. Oh my gosh. Hoo boy. Finally.

Here's something fun while she finishes: My husband is the most interesting person ever, full of whimsy and joie de vivre, and he's had an offbeat autumn project that's gone on for 22 years now, since our first (!) unofficial date. It's become rather famous in our circle, and people start demanding an update around September.

The upshot? He takes a photo in a pumpkin patch while holding the photo from the year before.

Nutsy. He's asked me to join every year, and I finally jumped in for a cameo on year 20. This project has many Wilfairian overtones, now that I think about it: silliness, anticipation, the love of spinning things out at a gentle pace, nature, animals, weirdness. WEIRDNESS.

Enjoy. The 2014 photo is just ahead, but I thought I'd post now, because I love this wacky, wacky man so much. Pumpkins are nice, too.


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