Twin Peaks Love

My favorite TV show of all time is returning for a limited run in 2016.

It's "Twin Peaks," a series that has wound its way into my brain and landed with a thwunk in my heart. The weirdness and whimsy found within are basically the twin tenets I adhere to in all of my creative projects, and I'm just mad about it. Mad mad.

I often think of it as one of the many pop culture parents to "Wilfair" -- there's a hotel in "Twin Peaks" and it boasts a gentler pace that makes room for the strange.

Two quick things: I read that Mark Frost and David Lynch, the creators, have been meeting at Musso & Frank's to discuss "Twin Peaks" coming back to TV. This Hollywood landmark is one of my favorite restaurants and a place I've gone to figure out "Wilfair" stuff. Yay! Enchanted restaurant.

Also? An actor from the series shops at Monty and Gomery Overbove's Wilfair-area grocery store, the one mentioned in "Redwoodian" (with the frozen peas on Aisle 11). Every time I see this performer I'm thrilled, because it just feels like this store has some sort of whimsical, magical ties to an imaginary universe. (Yes, I like connecting everyday things, like grocery stores, to the twirly, unseen world of the fantasic.) (Not sorry.)

The last time I saw this actor, in fact, he was in the frozen foods aisle, by the frozen peas. And the time before that? He and I chatted about the gingerbread Motel Fairwil I was planning on baking (I was behind him in the checkout line and had all the ingredients lined up for this nutty project).

Everyday magic? My friends, it's all around us. Seek/find/grab.


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