Disquietus Reads Wilfair Review and Giveaway!

It's been quite the excellent week: I got "Fairwil" back from my editor and "Wilfair" got a lovely and sparkle-hearted write-up over on Disquietus Reads!

I am very, very hot in the cheeks, if you're wondering. Touch my cheek. No, seriously, feel it.

Burning up.

Ashlea, THANK YOU for your kind support of this loopy, love-fueled little world, thank you thank you. It's a project that's fully been fueled by enthusiasm, generosity, and people sharing/spreading the cheer. You've been a part of that, so please accept my fist bump, if you'll have it, in gratitude.

And Wilfair friends: If you are a regular visitor to this blog and know someone who might want to jump into the giveaway, absolutely point them to Disquietus Reads. I've already picked up some book recs by going deeper into the site. Hello, holiday reading.

Oh, and Ms. Sutton Von Hunt from the "Wilfair" books got a shout-out in another Disquietus Reads post. HOT IN THE CHEEKS.

One more thing: Ashlea opens the review with a question that's been pinballing around my heart: Do you remember the last time a book made you extremely happy?

This makes me extremely happy, because here's my not-so-secret secret: I aimed to write some VERY happy books. Ridiculously happy, if I could push it that far, and believe me, I went for it.



Ashlea said...

Awwwww thank YOU, Alysia! I'm so excited you loved the post and your kind words about the blog have me flailing a bit. I meant every word and the Wilfair series has a special place in my heart. I have a feeling I will always have the characters with me and that is the greatest gift!

Also YAY! You read the post about Sutton needing her own series! I just adore her and need more Sutton! Ahem.

You are delightful and amazing and I'm so THANKFUL for your friendship. It's pretty much one of my favorite things ever.

Keep being FABULOUS, Malaysia!

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